quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2009

Rock Band "The Beatles" 3

Agora vou listar as músicas disponíveis para downloudable songs track listing. Fiquei triste porque não vai ter Hey Jude e Yesterday nem para download, mas fiquei feliz porque vou poder cantar "Michelle". (fonte wikipedia)

  1. All you need is love;

  2. Maxwell's silver hammer;

  3. Oh! Darling;

  4. Because;

  5. You never give me your money;

  6. Sun king;

  7. Mean Mr. Mustard;

  8. Polythene Pam;

  9. She came in through the bathroom windows;

  10. Golden slumbers;

  11. Carry that weight;

  12. Her majesty;

  13. Fixing a hole;

  14. She's leaving home;

  15. Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite;

  16. Within you without you;

  17. When I'm sixty-four;

  18. Lovely Rita;

  19. Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band (reprise);

  20. A day in the life;

  21. Norwegian wood (This birds has flown);

  22. You won't see me;

  23. Nowhere man;

  24. Think for yourself;

  25. The word;

  26. Michelle;

  27. What goes on;

  28. Girl;

  29. In my life;

  30. wait;

  31. Run for your life.

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